Is the Beauty Blender Worth the Investment?

In a world where people apply foundation with vibrating apparatus, toothbrush-like brushes and hard-boiled eggs we can’t really say we are short of options.

Once a foundation brush user, I was converted to the infamous Beauty Blender six years ago when I received it in one of my GlossyBox . However, there are plenty of sponges on the market – is it worth it to spend £16 on a sponge when you can get the same product for cheaper?

Foundation Sponges Smackdown - Beauty Blender vs Real Techniques


The first two obvious contester to me were the Beauty Blender vs. Real Technique’s Miracle Complexion Sponge. These two are often suggested as dupes as the Real Techniques retails for £10 cheaper than the Beauty Sponge. However, there are some other differences that set these two blenders apart:

  1. The Shape –  whereas the Beauty Blender is egged shape, the Miracle Sponge has a flat edge which has been designed to fit the contours around the eyes and nose. I never used it on those areas but instead I found it perfect for blending contour down my jaw line to the neck.
  2. The Consistency – the Miracle Sponge appears to be more porous than the Beauty Blender – which suggests a higher likelihood of product retention – aka wasted product. On the other hand, the Beauty Blender is softer to the touch and is less porous.
  3. Washing – I clean my sponges with tepid water and soap every week. This is where my biggest issue with the Real Technique started. Unfortunately, it doesn’t clean as well as the Beauty Blender does, so after three months I felt it was already time to buy another one as it was looking kind of grim. Where as my first Beauty Blender was replaced after 5 years because of wearing and had minimal stain.


I feel the Beauty Blender is worth the investment purely for the longevity of the product and the ease of washing. I prefer it’s softer consistency but wish it had the flat edge to follow the jaw line a bit better.

Foundation Sponges Smackdown - Silicone Sponge


The Silicone Sponge is an odd one. First of all it looks like a bra padding which is weird enough to me. Despite having watched some tutorials on YouTube I still was on the fence on this one.

  1. Travel Friendly  – the Silicone Sponge is as big as the Beauty Blender, however it is flat so it’s more compact and easy to travel with.
  2. No Product Waste – since it’s made of silicone there’s no waste of product and consequently you need less foundation than you’ll probably used to use.
  3. Easy to Clean – even easier than the Beauty Blender, just a cotton pad a some micellar water and you’re sorted. Definitely the most hygienic option between the two.
  4. Time consuming – I found that the Silicone Sponge took more getting use to and more work to blend the foundation in and it wasn’t very comfortable to use under the eyes. Finally due to the fact that it doesn’t retain any product this sponge provides a higher coverage with less product.


If you’re a fan of higher coverage, are a germaphobe and don’t mind having to spend more time blending your foundation in, then the Silicone Sponge might be a winner for you. Despite the clear advantages the Silicone Sponge has over the Beauty Blender, I still would repurchase the latter. Ultimately, I prefer a lighter coverage and to spend less time working on my make up in the morning. Less blend more snooze.

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