BlaBar Puteny Banana Pancakes and Semla

As it’s almost Pancake’s Day I thought it was time for me to share my favourite place in my neighborhood. If you like all things Nordic, especially interior design and food, you won’t be disappointed.

BlaBar Interiors Products Ground Floor

Bla Bar Snack Counter


When I moved to South West London BlåBär my friend Flavia, who knows my penchant for trying new coffee shops in London, said I had to try ‘this new place that just opened – you’ll love it!’ She wasn’t wrong. From that day I’ve visited the place more times than I can count. I celebrated my birthday with a brunch there, I introduced new friends who lived in the area and lounged there whenever I felt sad or needed inspiration. This has now became my safe place.

BlaBar Bike Poster

BlaBar Home Interior + Prints

Print Close Up

If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure this will come to no surprise, I snapped so many pictures and threatened to move in many times. But how could you not want to move? The interiors are just to die for. What is great about BlåBär is that almost everything you see you can actually buy! Sandra – one of the founders, used to be a Brand and Product Manager focussed on Nordic Brand so no wonder their selection is so on point. I cannot wait to get my own place to get some of the pieces. For the moment being thought I might just focus on the prints – how cute is the cinnamon bun one! –  beauty products and homeware, you know I’m obsessed.

Stairs and Stools

Blåbär Cinnamon Buns, Semla and Energy Balls

Speaking of Cinnamon Buns – which are probably the best in Putney, at BlåBär you can indulge on many treats – sweet and savoury. My personal favourite are of course the Banana Cinnamon Pancakes, which believe it or not, are healthy! Served with berries and a topping of coconut yogurt and Canadian maple syrup. If you are more of a savory person, or are visiting during lunch – the open sandwich with beetroot, apple and meatballs is another must try. Finally, if you want to really treat yourself you must try the Semla – a traditional Swedish sweet to have on Fat Tuesday or ‘Fettisdag‘ which coincidentally falls on the same day of Pancake’s Day this year!

Whatever the reason, make sure you visit BlåBär, you won’t be sorry!

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