Galentine's Day Treat Yo Self

Valentine’s day is a funny day – I don’t think I cared too much for it from when I was in middle school. I actually hated the day cause it was just highlighting my ‘singletude’. For a very long time I associated being single with being lonely, but as I grew older I started changing my mind.

Being single is surely not a synonym for being lonely. In all honesty, a date with yourself – as strange as it might sound – can turn out to be one of the best day you had in a while! And if you manage to meet a friend during your date, even better!

Brown & Rosie South Kensington London


This might sound a bit boring for some, but the best day for me is going out for brunch with a friend and then wing it from there.

If you find yourself in the South Kensington area I strongly recommend  Brown & Rosie. The Tuna and Beetroot Chips on sourdough bread was divine and if you like mushrooms you have to get Mushroom and Hummus Sourdough open sandwich. Coffee is great and if you manage to save some room for dessert they have a pretty good selection. Bare in mind though it’s quite hard to get a table during the weekends.

La La Land


If you’re ‘flying solo’ then going the cinema is my favourite thing to do, especially on a whim. There’s nothing like treating yourself to sweet and salty popcorn and watch a good movie.

If you’re into musical – or even if you’re not – LaLaLand is a MUST see. I was very skeptical before watching it as I have the tendency to reject anything too hyped up, but since I didn’t even know the story I decided to give it a chance. So glad I did! The photography is gorgeous, the story is easy to follow. If you’re not a fan of musical and romantic movies this one is for you. The songs are not overbearing how they could be in Mamma Mia! where every song is a dialogue – yes, I’m one of the few people on Earth who hates Mamma Mia!

As for the storyline – it is a romantic story of two people trying to make it in LA but it is not over romanticized. I will just say….It goes as life goes.

Finally, how not to close an amazing Cinema date with pizza? My favourite is Firezza’s Porcini di Bosco – porcini mushrooms, Taleggio, Grana and truffle paste. YUM! Definitely Italian approved!

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