Homeware Haul and Wishing

When sharing a house with other people more often than not things tend to disappear. Whenever you need a small plate for your toast or a bowl for your cereals you can bet your bottom dollar you won’t find any.

So I decided it was time for me to get a personal stash in case of emergency  . Oliver Bonas, Anthropology and Urban Outfitters became my stomping ground. I spent way too many hours that I care to admit browsing their home section but they do have some gems.

Right now I managed to contain myself to the Pedra Cereal  and Soup Bowls, the Mimira Canape Plate and Copper String Lightsbut believe me if I could house everything in my wish list without breaking the bank or moving out because of lack of space. However, next on my list is a print, terranium and possibly a full length mirror? I think that after a year I reached to a point where I’d like to see how I look before I go out, instead of sneaking out in the hallway or worse – hoping for the best!


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