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Bloom is about growing into yourself and working out who you are – Estée Lalonde

I’ll be honest, I’m an avid YouTube watcher but I’m often skeptical of YouTubers’ products being it makeup lines or books, especially. However, when Estée announced the launch of her book I was very excited, especially after knowing it was more of a diary rather than a style guide.

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Bloom exactly delivers exactly what it says on the tin. It’s like reading Estée’s journal which we are passed on to almost by chance. I really enjoyed the chapters on Life, Work and Food. I didn’t expect to cry whilst reading the first chapter, but I had to prevent myself to sob. Never would I imagined that Estée faced and still is facing some of the battles that me, a regular person outside the supposedly glitz and glam of YouTube, fight everyday. Her stories about her depression, self-esteem, body issues and moving into a new city all sounded completely familiar.

Don’t be fooled though, this is not a depressing book nor does it pretentiously gives you the ultimate truth and how-tos for the perfect life. Is a coming of age book which if you’re in your late 20s as myself would recognise past and present struggles in the way of figuring out who we really are and makes you feel less alone in the roller coaster ride that is adulting.

Estée Lalonde Bloom Book - Life

To balance the more ‘heavy’ chapters on life experiences there are chapters on Beauty, Fashion, Home, recipes and Travel. The design is beautiful and the pictures gorgeous. You might recognise some from Estée’s Instagram whilst some others are from family albums.

I would have preferred some chapters such as the one on Travel to be more extensive but overall I really enjoyed the book, it’s easy to read – I finished it in a week! – and makes you stop and appreciate your own coming of age journey, or at least that’s how I felt!

Estée Lalonde Bloom Book - Food

Have you already read Bloom: Navigating Life and Style yet?

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