Unisex Perfumes - Zadig & Voltaire - Malin + GoetzUnisex Perfumes - Zadig & Voltaire - Malin + Goetz

Lately I have been obsessed with perfumes. When I moved back to London with just a 23kg suitcase back in April, bringing along my fragrance stash was not an option. The only thing I threw in the bag was my & Other Stories Botanic Whisper mini body spray – which reminds me, I need to repurchase.

 I took after my mom when it comes to perfumes, we both like to switch it up according to our mood in the morning so new additions where in order. The latest additions happen to be newly launches from Zadig & Voltaire and Malin + Goetz.

Unisex Pefumes - Zadig & Voltaire This is Her! This is Him!

This is Him! This is Her!

You know me, I cannot resist anything French and I always have to pop into a Zadig & Voltaire boutique for a browse every time I see one. One day I’ll probably cave and end up buying the whole collection, but until then I’ll get my Parisian rocky vibe with their new fragrances – This is Him! and This is Her!

Although I can see why these two fragrances can be differentiated between male and female, I feel they are quite interchangeable. This is Her! has more a woody – floral scent with a touch of Arabian jasmine and sandalwood. It has been designed to make you feel confident, unpredictable and irresistible, which is exactly why I like to spritz a bit of this in the morning before heading out.

This is Him! I find to be quite similar to Dior Eau Sauvage, which is my dad’s favourite. I have quite a soft spot for this one which might actually be my favourite of the two.  Same as This is Her!, it has a woody scent with spicy incense of grapefruit and black pepper as well as notes of sandalwood. I like to wear this one it  in the evening for I feel it creates a nice contrast with a more feminine outfit.

Unisex Perfumes - Malin + Goetz Vetiver

Vetiver Eau de Parfum

Like the Zadig & Voltaire, the Malin + Goetz Vetiver fragrance I find to be suitable for both sexes. I like to wear this one during the weekend, as it is fresher and earthy compared to the Zadig’s. It also makes me feel all warm and cozy, perfect for those no-makeup/hair up in the bun kind of days.

Have you tried any of these perfumes yet? If you have any other fragrance-related recommendations, shoot them my way. I’m always on the look out for something to add to my collection!

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