Dover White Cliffs

Last weekend me and my friend took advantage of the last days of Summer and the last Bank Holiday of the year – sob!, and took it to a what it seems to be a very niche British seaside town – Dover.

Dover CastleTHE CASTLE

Whilst Dover is admittedly not Brighton, I surprisingly really enjoyed the place. It has a very small-town feeling to it which I quite like when I am trying to get away from London’s hustle and bustle. When in Dover there are two things that are a must see – the Castle and the White Cliffs. Dover is also ‘dangerously’ close to France – 90 minutes to Calais to be exact, and if you’re planning a long week end I would highly recommend taking the ferry, cross the Channel and have a French adventure – I know I would!

Dover White Cliffs - the View


The castle came highly recommended by all my friends who visited Dover, but the weather was so nice that we decided to just walk up the hills and reach the lighthouse to then have cream tea – how posh! There are three routes you could take to the lighthouse, the longest of which is 50 min. We had time to spare so we kept switching between the three routes  to take some pictures and ended up working quite an appetite by the time we reached the lighthouse.

DSC02539 2


I was super excited to see a real life lighthouse as I never seen one up close before. My idea of a lighthouse was Leonardo Di Caprio in Shutter Island, so not the happiest of places and quite majestic. Luckily the South Foreland Lighthouse was nothing like I imagined. It is quite tiny and really cute and open for visit, but at that point we were quite starving so stopped by Mrs Knott Tea Room, a 50s decorated cottage for a lovely cream tea before heading off to London again.

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