The Weekender

I probably should stop making promises I cannot seem to keep…To be honest I was too busy enjoying life and galavanting around England to worry too much about social media and writing. Might not be a popular thing to say but it’s true. So for the future, I won’t make any more promises and you can stay on top of things by following me on Instagram.

As mentioned in my Life Update post I am really trying to explore England a bit more and so far I am doing a good job if I say so myself. In the past couple of months I visited a few new places which I thoroughly enjoyed.



This was a nice de-tour during my long weekend in Birmingham a few months ago. My friend was training for the Three Peaks Challenge at the time, so even though I was not participating in it, I decided to train with her on the day. This was my first time in the British countryside if you will, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We walked up the hills and sunbathed at the top, the view was magnificent. If you are into walking and don’t want to head up North, I would point you in the Malvern direction and once you’re done walking, you can stop by at The Kettle Sings for a spot o’tea and scones.

Brighton Beach Succulent Boat

Brighton Beach Chair

Brighton Beach Huts


Since Summer has finally hit the British shores, Brighton is the classic weekend destination for Londoners. My friends and I booked it on a whim on Friday and spent the whole weekend walking around Brighton taking pictures and trying any coffee shop we could find. My favourite spot for brunch and coffee has definitely been Silo – I don’t think I’ve ever had such a tasty and healthy brunch ever in my life, and the coffee was great too, and the home-made bread with salty butter?! Yum! Highly recommend.

Chatsworth House Flowers

Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House Pond


Last weekend was Sheffield turn. If you want a place to completely switch-off, relax and enjoy nature Sheffield is a great place to do so if you want to head up North. We went to the Peak District for a walk and I don’t think I’ve ever been immersed in so much nature. I consider myself to be a country girl, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many sheep, cows and deer in one place just casually walking around and eating along the streets. Loved it! I relaxed so much and so quickly I actually got a little bit scared I was getting sick or something, no amount of coffee seemed to be keeping me awake! I particularly enjoyed strolling around Chatsworth Gardens definitely worth a visit if you have time.

Next stop is going to be Italy for a week. I should just be going to my summer house in Alba Adriatica, but if I end up taking a car trip somewhere I’ll make sure to keep you posted….no promise, though!

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