Photography Workshop Plant Vitality

Plants were never my forte. I used to say I have a ‘death thumb’ as I couldn’t keep a cactus alive for the life of me. However that never stopped me in appreciating how the presence of a plant can make a huge difference in any space. A few weeks back I went to the Plant Vitality event hosted by Red Magazine and The Joy of Plants and my love of plants was re-kindled.

Hanging Planter Workshop


Hanging planters are all over Pinterest and I always wanted to learn how to make one, I love a DIY session. Thanks to stylist Sally Cullen we were able to achieve my Pinterest dream. The start was a bit of a nightmare but after I got round to measuring and folding the twine it all went down hill. It is totally something I would do again as a present or if I had more space in my house, but right now my creation is sitting on my bedside table giving a little bit of brightness and light to my tiny room.

Hannah Argyle Photography


Hannah Argyle does amazing photography, I could spend hours scrolling through her Instagram feed and we were lucky enough to get some photography tips from her. We had to create a plant display and then take pictures of it. I was very proud of my display which you can see above, so proud I sent it to my mom immediately like a little child. Ah! What I found is that if you are happy with the composition then the amount of retouching required is minimal. 
Meditation Workshop


The meditation with the plants segment led by wellbeing consultant Emma Mills was also interesting and believe me, if we didn’t have to leave the place you’ll be very likely to find me there. I am no stranger meditation, though I don’t practice it that often, but this was something different.  Emma guided our meditation by helping us to mindfully appreciate the wonderful gardenias we had in front of us. It was pleasantly strange to feel your senses being heighten every step we took, something that I wouldn’t mind to try again.


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