MAC ZEN ROSE via Kia Grace

It’s finally Spring and the bright lipsticks are coming out to play.


I think I already told you, but I’m not really into pink, it was really really popular in high school together with the Hello Kitty trend and it really got of my nerves. However, I do have a thing for colourful lipsticks and with the sun shining and the flowers blooming I felt the need for something more colourful than my trusty MAC Mehr.

So whilst I was rummaging through my collection of mostly red lipsticks I found this ol’ little gem I forgot I had.

MAC ZEN ROSE SWATCH via Kia Grace. jpg

MAC Zen Rose is a limited edition shade from a few years back. It has a Supreme Sheen formula which combines the pigmentation of a lipstick with the shine of a lip gloss. I surprisingly really love the formula. Usually with brighter shades I prefer matte formulas which tend to be stronger on the staying power department but I have to say this one has game. At application it feels a bit slippery, for lack of a better word, which would require a brush if you like really precise lines, but it also feels hydrating and with a pretty decent coverage from the first layer. It does last well as I said for it being a sheen formula, the shine tends to wear off if you drink or eat but it leaves a quite nice and homogeneous stain on the lips so an immediate application is not required.

As I said it was a limited edition, but if you’re looking for a similar shade for spring Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivid in Hot Plum or Revlon Lipbutter in Lollipop are a good match from the drugstore.

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