Yoga Alternative - 10000 steps via Kia Grace

As much as I enjoy yoga sometimes I just don’t feel up for it. We are having such a nice weather lately that I find it a shame hopping on the mat in my room whilst I could go out and go for a walk.

BAITA DEI PENSIONATI Yoga Alternative - 10000 steps via Kia Grace

My sister recently got a new puppy, you’ll probably saw him making an appearance on my Instagram or Snapchat, and we love taking him to a walk in the nearby fields. I love that it’s quiet and that he can play with random puppies but my favourite bit is getting to the canal.

MUZZA CANAL Yoga Alternative - 10000 steps via Kia Grace

My town is not known to be one for the young but have to say the old folks really created a nice little place for themselves – it’s called The Retired’s Cabin, where they can fish or generally hang out with their dogs. I love stream of water and I could spend hours just looking at the water flow and the birds chirping, I find it as relaxing as a 30 minutes yoga session.

Walking is also a great stress reliever, plus it helps with the recommended 10000 steps a day and I get to enjoy a little Pina Colada smoothie to freshen up.

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