Cheap + Easy Photography Background

DIY Photography Backgrounds

Oftentimes when scrolling through my Instagram feed full of beauty products and coffees I wished I had that amazing marble table top, or that antique white hardwood floor or those palm/banana leaves to make my picture look as beautiful. Since I don’t have marble top tables not a white antiqued hardwood floor I thought there was a better and cheaper solution than to move house.

DIY Photography Backgrounds - Crackle and Palms


Last summer it was all about the palm and banana leaves prints. The easier and cheaper way for my pictures to ‘get the summer look’ was gift wrapping paper. The good thing about wrapping paper is that is easy to store and to carry around and there are plenty of prints around that means plenty of potential backgrounds.


For when I want an antiqued white hardwood floor background, instead of scouting houses with similar flooring I created my own. All you need is a lightweight pice of wood, two contrasting colours of your choice and crackle effect paint.

DIY Photography Backgrounds - Marble_Crackle_Calkboard


Not all of us can have marble table tops or marble whatever to use as a background. I used to use my computer cover, which is an idea too, but for when I needed a bigger area I was left with nothing. So to avoid that situation again, I got myself a marble printed self adhesive vinyl film. Similar to the wrapping paper it’s easier to carry around and finally have as much marble background as I want.


Finally, I chalkboard. I love the idea of having a chalkboard background to photograph the ingredients for a recipe for instance. I used to have a self adhesive vinyl film I used in my room in London but I wanted something more matte. For that I took another piece of wood as for the hardwood floor, some chalkboard paint and dirt the final result with a chalk to give a more lived-in effect.

I am so happy to have a variation of backgrounds to experiment with my pictures a bit more. Will you try to make your own?

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