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Spring Edit - Nail Polish

My nails are ready for spring, and to be totally honest so am I. I cannot wait to ditch the thick coat for light layering. Despite favouring blacks, greys and neutral in general for my clothes, in spring I like to give my looks accents of colours through my nail polish. Spring Edit Nail Polish - Blue Close Ups


Essie Bikini so Teeny is a shade I coveted since it became a cult a couple of years ago, it was close to impossible to find. I finally grabbed mine in CVS when in New York last summer and couldn’t be any happier. It is a cornflower blue with very small silver glitters running through it which give dimension to the color when applied but do not show in any obvious way. If I fancy something darker than Nails Inc Baker Street is one of my go to.

Spring Edit - Reds Close Up


Probably the favourite red in my collection, if not my favourite shade of ALL my collection, is Soigné Persimmon. Whenever I don’t know which colour to choose, this orangey-red is always a safe bet. Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Pomegranate it’s a darker yet bright red that still makes a statement, the perfect transition shade.

Spring Edit - Pink Close Up


These are the pastel-shades of the pack. Part of the Macaron Collection, Soigné Lavande is a fresh lilac colour perfect for when I feel for a more neutral shade. Essie Blanc and Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Rose Hip are sure to give a pop of colour. Blanc is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a true white that despite what you might think really makes quite a statement as a bright red or blue could. When I don’t want to go for a true white but still want a white-ish shade – contradictory I know but I’m sure we’ve all been there, then Rose Hip is the safest bet cause it gives the same effect that a true white would but with a bit of pink undertone giving an extra kick.

What are your favourite shades for spring?

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