A Workout Playlist

A Workout Playlist

If you read my latest fitness post you should know I have been working out everyday this month – so far I am sticking up with it! Whilst the music choice for hydro bike and circuit training is up to my trainer, I thought I’d channel my inner DJ and create a workout playlist for the day I hit the mat for some HIIT.

Workout Playlist Screen Shot

You can find plenty of High Intensity Interval Training playlist on Spotify but I like working out with songs that I know and make me want to shake my ass or sing pant my way through the workout, it makes the process a whole lot easier. I have one song at the beginning for warming up and two for cooling down at the end, the rest of the playlist is a mish mash of latest hits – Hotline Bling is da bomb.com and some  ’90s RNB songs – I just love when Baby Got Back comes on whilst I’m doing squats. Gotta love it!

Which songs you like working out with?

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