Afternoon Crave

Afternoon Crave Lemon & Ginger Tea with Honey and Peanuts

Afternoon crave is something that hits me everyday, no matter what I eat around 5-6pm my stomach starts claiming food and if I worked out I might even get hungry the moment I walk out of the pool. Before starting this whole healthy eating journey I used to eat whatever I had at hand. Now that I am trying to be more conscious of what I eat I have been swapping the above for something more healthy. Afternoon Crave Lemon & Ginger Tea with Honey and Peanut - Close Up


I hate ginger, let’s put it out there, so for the longest time I was avoiding this tea like the plague – I knew it is very good for colds and that was all. More recently my doctor suggested I’d drink a cup of lemon and ginger tea for my stomach bug and I ended up really loving it, so it is now part of my afternoon snack. Lemon and Ginger tea is full of vitamins and antioxidants and as well as preventingĀ colds, nausea and the flu, it is also said to soothe pain such as menstrual cramps, headache and inflammation as well as help with keeping hair and skin healthy.


Peanuts was something that I loved but was confused about whether they were good for you or not. Once I went to my nutritionist and started talking about my eating habits I thought I’d ask him what the deal was. Turns out nuts such as walnuts, peanuts, pecan nuts, almonds etc. are really good for you and work wonders as a snack as long as you have them unsalted. As part of my diet I have been allowed 20g of nuts a day and since I love peanuts so much I never swapped them with any other nuts since I started my journey 5 months ago.

This little snack as simple as it is – also really easy to bring with you at the office or in your bag, keeps me full until dinner time which I usually have around 8.30pm – 9pm, you do the math.

Do you have any other healthy snacks you’re loving at the moment?

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