March Fitness Update

March Fitness Update

Many moons have passed from Yoga Camp. Since Yoga Camp my wrist tendinitis made its billionth appearance so I wasn’t quite able to incorporate yoga in my February fitness routine, despite that I made a few addition to keep sure I didn’t go back to couch potato mode just for that – not my first rodeo.


On top on my usual hydro bike class on Monday my local gym just added an in water Circuit Training. Sounds cool right? So I decided to give it a go. It’s a 45 minutes class divided between weight training and either step, trampoline or treadmill. It’s really fun but really hard as well, especially the trampoline a killer for the legs and butt…I wonder if I will get a Kardashian butt by the end of the month! Ha!


Since my wrist seems to be back to normal I’m incorporating a two days a week yoga practice to get a bit of break from the weight training and cardio.


Last Spring Get the Gloss came out with a 12-week fitness and nutrition guide. When it came out I was all over the project cause Get the Gloss is all about living a healthy lifestyle without starving yourself and do some extreme workouts, which is totally my philosophy. With the help of experts such as Nike trainer Joslyn Thompson-Rule and Nutritional Therapist Zoe Stirling and Chef Nina Parker, the guide has all you could ask for – super tasty recipes (almond pesto being one of my favourites) and a kick ass gradual workout routine that’ll sure leave you all sweaty.

Quite a packed month but I feel up for a challenge. We shall see if I manage to keep up with it!

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