Movies of Fashion (Week)

Movies of Fashion

Fashion Week is hitting the streets of Milan. By now it shouldn’t be a surprise that I enjoy a fashion movie or documentary or two. So in the spirit of MFW I indulged in a few more fashion movies I haven’t seen in a while or that I haven’t seen at all. As per usual, I love all of them.

VALENTINO: The Last Emperor

This movie came as a total surprise. I love Valentino’s clothes but I couldn’t imagine him to be so funny.  The documentary follows Valentino and business partner Giancarlo Giammetti preparing for the 2006 Spring/Summer Collection in Paris to a July 2007 retrospective of Valentino’s 45-year career.  Similar to Dior and I, we are brought behind the scenes from the creation of sketches to the runway, difficult business decisions and changes all in the pursuit of beauty.


If you already have watched the September Issue you’ll probably love this documentary. I am a huge fan of Grace Coddington’s work, all the love and work that goes behind a ‘simple’ picture never cease to enchant me. This documentary  highlights the visual and historical contribution past and present Vogue Editors – including Polly Allen Mellen, Grace Coddington, Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele, and Camilla Nickerson, have made not only to the magazine, but also to the world of fashion itself. From the pre-Photoshop era, to the rise of the Supermodels, the influence of street style and the introduction of Hollywood actresses as celebrities – yes, ’cause that hasn’t always been the case!


Well, one cannot talk about fashion without talking about Chanel. I loved this biopic of Coco Chanel. She was an incredible woman with very progressive taste and ideas – she’s the one who brought trousers for women and la petite robe noire, if that’s not enough to love her I don’t know what is.

Any movie about fashion I should watch?

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