Hair Inspo

Mid-Length Hair Inspiration

From time to time I have the sudden urge to go to the hairdresser and change it up. Whilst I am not brave enough to go to a very cool and funky colour I like to get some variation of my natural colour.


I spent ages trying to reach a mermaid-worthy length but I’m not feeling it anymore. The older I get the less I’m willing to spend time blow drying and style my hair so I feel like a shoulder length will be perfect. Long enough to do some braiding and a bun for when I work out yet not too long for styling and blowdrying which I am all about.


As I said I am not brave with colour. Blonde is a colour that doesn’t really suit me and I am much more comfortable as a brunette. My hair have a tendency to go red after a while for some reason, so I feel like Lily Collins’ colour would be perfect and not too high-maintenance. Since we are going towards Spring I’d like to get a bit lighter with some balayage yet not too light cause it would look un-natural.


For styling looking at the inspiration pictures you’d probably guessed what I like. I naturally have curly hair which I do have to style if I don’t want to look like Einstein – I would love his brain but his hair style, I’ll pass, so this style is perfect to get with a curling iron. It is also fool proof as it’s so laid back that if I can’t be bothered to style it perfectly it’ll still look good.

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