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Rachel Hunters Tour of Beauty

I love it when you randomly bump into something and end up loving it. 

Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty is a series that follows supermodel Rachel Hunter on a global journey to find the secret of beauty. Beauty is not a definite concept so it’s interesting to see the definitions of it unveil in the 13 different countries she visits. Starting from France where the key is ‘everything in moderation’, moving to South Korea where surgery seems to be the order of business whilst long-lived elderly from the Greek island of Ikaria live off their lands and bathe in radioactive waters.

Rachel Hunter Tour Of Beauty - Iskaria

Far from being a thorough depiction of each country and their beauty standards, it’s still interesting to go on a virtual holiday and discover things you won’t necessarily know. I remember when I was in China I was totally oblivious with their obsession on pale skin until I went looking for a moisturiser and couldn’t find anything that didn’t contain some kind of whitening ingredients. It seemed all off to me, why would they want to be paler when I’m always trying to get tanned? The answer became clear when I got complimented on my fair skin and asked multiple time to take a picture with random people on the streets or when I got pointed at in supermarkets – that is also the moment I understood I could never become famous, ha!

I am still halfway through but I cannot wait to see what the other countries have in store. If you too are a wanderluster at heart and enjoy a bit of beauty then I’m sure you’ll love this show too.


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