Healthy Cinnamon “Granola” Recipe

Healthy Cinnamon Granola RecipeI have serious commitment issues when it comes to my breakfast. I like to change it up quite a bit and I have been known to be quite a cereal killer kind of gal’ but since I started this healthy eating journey I ditched the supermarket cereals for something a bit more nutritious.

Few months ago Lily posted a video on her favourite breakfast and dessert oats and I thought I gave it a whirl. I am not a huge fan of almonds but I really do love cinnamon so I made a few tweaks to adjust it better to my taste.

This granola is highly popular in my family so much so I often do it in batches for my sisters’ and my family, I bring it to friends and it has the added value of being approved by my nutritionist which makes me very very happy.

I eat 20g of it a day with yogurt for my breakfast but you can have it with coconut or regular milk or even by itself for a snack or a treat after dinner.

Healthy Cinnamon Granola - Ingredients


270g of jumbo oats

2 spoons of cinnamon

2 spoons of coconut oil

75dl of maple syrup

Healthy Cinnamon Granola Recipe - How To


The process as per usual with me it’s very simple and quite quick.

Turn the oven on at 180°C. Heat gently the syrup, cinnamon and coconut oil in a pan and mix until you get an even liquid. Pour the mixture into a bowl with the oats and mix it all together.

When the liquid and the oats are evenly mixed together put it on a tray with baking paper, drizzle on a few more cinnamon if you want the extra punch – I usually do – and leave in the oven for about 20 min.

Make sure to break the oats a bit with a fork or spoon as soon as you take the granola out of the oven so it doesn’t all melt together in a huge chunk. If you like the toasted flavour, turn off the oven to let it cool a bit and after a few minutes pop the granola back in for a while.

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