Despite me being a huge advocate of coffee I don’t despise a cup of tea in the evening. But there’s tea and tea, and this one is the one I reach to in case of a skin SOS.TEA TIME - TEA TREE OIL CLOSE UP


I don’t want to jinx myself, but I was always quite lucky with my skin. Never suffered from acne when a teenager, I always had to deal with hormonal spots or blackheads more than anything else. Now that I am getting older, I get ‘the one’ hormonal spot a couple of days before that time of the month. When the spot hits I reach for The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil which is cheap and works wonders on me.

Tea tree is known for its antibacterial, mattifying and healing properties and it is widely used in natural cosmetics. I like to  apply just one drop directly on the spot with a cotton bud at night as it has quite a strong smell which I really hated at the beginning, but now I am not too fussed about. If you are very sensitive to smells you can mix it with a bit of lavender or lemon essential oil. But I digress, after application I wake up in the morning with less ‘angry’ skin with a smaller spot or if I got it on time no spot at all.

The packaging is quite handy, as it is small and has a dropper which makes the whole application quite easy and precise. Don’t be fooled by its small dimension (10ml), since you only need one drop at the time it will last you quite a bit.

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