End of the Camp – What’s Next

End of Yoga Camp - Poses Mix

Last Sunday was the end of Yoga Camp and I am already missing it. By the eve of the last video I felt a bit lost already, I got in the routine of having a daily practice and by February what was I meant to do?

Reversed Warrior Pose


If you read my Post Card from Yoga Camp you know I had my ups and downs with it. It was a learning curve both for mind and body. Often my legs and arms were shaking, my balance was off and my mind had a hard time feeling the daily affirmations – if any of you are a 2 Broke Girls fan get what I mean when I say I felt like I was in a kind of a ‘cult’, which I promise Yoga with Adriene is not!

After 30 days my body grew stronger and stronger and the shift from each pose is now fluid. You cannot imagine the delight of moving swiftly from plank to cobra! Of course, I am nothing like a circus performer but that’s not the main goal for me. Surprisingly, after 30 days I really miss the affirmations and in a weird way they really made a difference in my mood.


I find it really easy to go back to my lazy habits so this time I want to keep up the good job and do a mix of things to keep moving.

30 Days of Yoga – was Yoga with Adriene last year’s challenge. If you’re not into affirmations but would like to ease into practice then you’ll love this series.

Walking – if weather allows I have been enjoying long walks with my mom. The other day we did almost 10 km in 1 hour and a half and survived some heavy rain and hail.

Hydro Bike – on Monday afternoon I do 45 minutes of hydro bike. If you’re not familiar with what hydro bike is, it’s basically a spinning class but in a swimming pool. Although I love spinning, I have to say I love hydro bike more cause you don’t feel all sweaty and hot as much, it’s gentler on the knees and it doesn’t feel as you’re training as hard, although it is definitely not the case!

What will you be doing this month not to become a couch potato?

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