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Alexa Chung The Future of Fashion

You know I enjoy a bit of fashion documentaries and reality TV shows. Lately I’ve been really enjoying these British Vogue series starring Alexa Chung *insert all the heart-eyed emojis*.


If you’re curious of the innerworks in the fashion industry at large this one is for you. Alexa is amazing in interviewing people and the way the subject has been tackled is very smart. I totally agree with the fact that fashion is surrounded by negative stereotypes and is nice to see the more artistic and serious side of it all. My personal favourites are the part about body image and feminism.


From broad to narrow, this mini-series is about working at Vogue. Since watching the September Issue and the Devil Wears Prada – of course –  I’ve been mesmerised by the inner-workings of the glossy pages. Again, it is a very interesting watch to all kind of different jobs behind the magazine. If I could choose I’d love to be in Digital or an Art Director, seems like a lot of work but so fun!

Did you watch the series? What was your favourite part?

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