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OPI Nail Envy vs. ORLY BB Crème

There are a lot of nail treatment out there so I decided to put the most two popular to the test. Ever wondered if OPI’s Nail Envy is better than ORLY BB Crème? Do they do the same thing? Let’s figure it out.

Nail Envy BB Crème Close Ups

OPI Nail Envy

Designed for weak, damaged nails it is said to strengthen the nails thanks to it’s wheat protein and calcium formula. By applying two coats to bare nail and then one coat every other day for one week  it claims to harden, lengthen and  strengthen the nails. I have been using this product for years and is probably my holy grail when it comes to nails. Whenever someone asks me about what it’s best to use on brittle, flakey nails I point them in the OPI’s direction. I used to suffer for quite flakey nails, and whilst healthy eating certainly is key, the Nail Envy is the cherry on top.


This came out a couple of years ago and there was a huge buzz around it, mostly for it’s odd and confusing name. People are still confused about the whole BB cream still, what is a BB cream for nails? To be totally honest, the name was a pure marketing trick for me but I decided to pick it up anyways to see if it measured up with my trusty Nail Envy. Rich in hyaluronic acid and vitamin C it has been designed to prime, brighten and smooth nails. Contrarily to the OPI’s it can’t be used nor as a base or top coat. By applying two coats to bare nails it says to  hydrate and protect from UV rays, which ages the nail bed. To be honest, after trying it multiple times I find it quite gimmicky. It does brighten the nails but I don’t find it does more than that, plus it does chip on me on the second day which the OPI doesn’t do.

Do you have any nails hero product?

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