Finally a History Book that I Don’t Find Boring

Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge

History was a subject at school I didn’t enjoy that much, I found it a bit boring and a bit too political for my likings. When I was studying in Paris though I took a rather odd history class which was called ‘The History of the Body in the 18th Century England’, and history became far more interesting if learnt through the uses and customs of the time. When the time for the final essay I decided to write mine on makeup and Lisa’s book would have been a godsend at the time and still is for anyone who loves makeup and wants to learn about it from a different perspective.

Face Paint- The History of Makeup RED


In all fairness I just started reading the book but I can already tell all the work Lisa has put into it. First of all the photography is amazing, I could stare at the cover the whole day and even the pictures inside the book don’t disappoint.

Despite the complexity of the topic it is written in a very understandable and colloquial way making it a very easy read. It is divided by themes and not a chronological order which makes it easy to jump from one topic to the other according to interest.

Makeup Muses - Audrey Hepburn


The book is also scattered with Lisa’s makeup muses through the ages From Nefertiti, to Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Kate Moss just to name a few. Finally if you ever wondered about how the biggest beauty brands of today started you get to know about that too.

You can learn more about the book from the author itself, and while you’re at it subscribe to Lisa’s channel and blog cause when it comes to makeup, you cannot get better than her!

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