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For a while now I have been suffering from weak and dull hair, I thought it was due to stress but I didn’t know what to do about it so I figured I might as well talk to my hairdresser next time I get a chop.

 She pointed out that changes in weather, eating habits and stress can lead to weak and dull hair, turned out for me it was just stressed related and apart from chilling a bit she also suggested Neutral Henna and Millet.

It has now been four months and I can see the progress both for hair loss and lack of shine.


Unlike the other henna, the natural one is completely colorless and is known for adding shine and definition to the hair as well as treating the hair follicle. It takes a bit of getting used to to make the right amount of mask but once you get it it’s fine. The downsides to this method is that it is a long one – between the making of the mask and the leaving in it takes about one hour, and it doesn’t smell that great. I’m not too fussed about it, but if you’re very smell sensitive this one might not be for you. I started with a mask once a week and then reduced it to once a month.


Rich in vitamins and minerals it is said to help with keratin production and hence strengthening hair and nails making them growing faster. I used to take one teaspoon a day and now that I don’t I can totally see the benefits and need to start taking it again soon.

Natural remedies might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they do take more time than slapping something on your head or popping a pill but I find this method cheaper than buying any product – I spent less than 10€ for 250g of henna and 500g of millet and I am still using both of them, plus I actually know what I am using and eating which makes a nice change for a while. My hair have been shinier than ever and for that I’d gladly go Breaking Bad on my hair.

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