Postcard from Yoga Camp

Postcard from Yoga Camp

As promised I’m checking in after 16 days of practice and I can’t believe there are only two weeks left!

At the beginning of the practice I was a bit stiff and kind of wobbly when a balance pose was involved, hello Tree pose and Runners Lunge!

 Those of you who are subscribed to my weekly newsletter already know, I have skipped two days of the camp when I was out and about and have to say I genuinely missed taking those 30 minutes to myself and just be on the mat.

Despite that 2 days hiatus, I can see some improvements already. For starters, my feet now touch the ground in Downward dog which made my day when it happened. I feel much stronger and move smoother from poses to poses and I am not as wobbly anymore, which makes me very proud.

Before starting with the practice I like to read through Adriene’s newsletter to get an extra push to get to the mat and understand better why she chose that particular affirmation for the day.

Granted affirmations are not something for everybody, it has been as much as a journey for the mind than for the body. At the beginning I felt deeply stupid giving myself a pep-talk, it just something that we don’t tend to do. I felt like in the movies when the main character – usually before a romantic encounter – looks at her/himself in the mirror trying to convince themselves they’re doing great. However, as I pushed myself to say empowering things to myself every single day it just felt more natural and actually enjoyable, I don’t feel so stupid anymore! In fact, in days I didn’t feel that great, they had the power to change my mood.

Words are powerful, so why don’t use them to bring ourselves positivity?!

Did any of you start Yoga Camp yet? If you didn’t you can find the link to the playlist below.

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