Wardrobe Envy

Minimalist Wardrobe Envy2

Today I wanted to talk about the infamous Capsule Wardrobe experiment I took on. Pictures were taken in advance, time to write but as I was having a look through the photos I wasn’t feeling any of them. Mainly because I have major wardrobe envy.

Minimal Wardrobe Envy

Not in terms of clothes, that God willing I’ll be able to show to you soon, but in terms of the actual wardrobe. I suffer from major wardrobe envy, kind of like when Carrie Bradshaw, who had an awesome wardrobe yet too small and dark, was dreaming the perfect wardrobe that she’ll eventually get.

Wardrobe Envy

Not having a Mr.Big and not having the possibility of asking my parents to change my current wardrobe to a Pinterest dream, I am left browsing Pinterest daydreaming about how I wish my wardrobe looked in pictures.

Wardrobe Envy 2

I can sense a theme. Can you?

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