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Street style is something that has always fascinated me. You’d never guess if you see me in daily uniform of black jeans, black top and boots, the more colourful pieces in my collection are an oxblood sweater and a checkered dark green shirt – wild!

Despite having quite a strong interest in fashion, I never was one to look out for what celebrities were wearing at events – although I do enjoy playing Fashion Police with my mom coming Golden Globes Oscar season, don’t get me wrong, but I find that regular people in the street to be much more fascinating.

If I could be Scott Shuman shadow for a day that would be pure and utter bliss!

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Parisian Street Style was my first love, and you never forget your first love, since then I started my book collection of everything Parisian, especially style, if you fancy I’ll share it one day. Everyone is about Parisian style so effortlessly chic and I love it, especially the colour palette which is right up my street.

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When I went to New York later last summer and stayed in Williamsburg I was mesmerised by the people. They probably thought I was a bit wacko I had to force myself not to stare for so long but it was really difficult. As Parisian, Brooklyn Street Style is effortless but with less “unwritten” rules, a true form of self expression, maybe a bit more rough than Parisian. I see a new style collection coming up.

Any other street style books or cities you think I should explore?

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