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My anxiety recently came back creeping in making me unable to sleep well and having my mood on a roller coaster I was not a happy bunny. It’s in these circumstances, even though my anxiety got better in the last year, I really miss my therapy sessions.

There are tons of apps for relaxation out there which I use when I need to take a moment, breathe and relax – the Rituals app served me well so many times. However, sometimes I feel like I need more support than taking a breather and for that the Pacifica app is perfect.

I like the fact that is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is the one I was following with my therapist and found really effective. It takes time as it is all based on identifying and understanding behavior/thought patterns that don’t serve your well that you need to actively focus on changing and finding a way to control and manage.  Pacifica Features

In other words is like having a therapist in your pocket for whenever you need it, it does not replace a professional treatment, but it is as close as I got to it so far.

There are quite a few features but the ones I use the most are: the Mood Tracking, Caffeine Intake – apparently I drink too much coffee…oops!, Sleep and Exercise Tracking and Thought Diary.

Mood Tracking does exactly what it says on the tin. Ranging from Great to Awful, it allows you to further the entry with physical feelings and details on the context. This helps you find some patterns you might have and do not recognise, for instance I noticed that right after exercising my mood increases deeply and that is something I am now more mindful of and making it more of a priority in my life.

Thought Diary is the most innovative feature of this app. Sometimes we do have unhelpful thoughts which are often distorted and not facts. After writing your thought the app helps you identify the negative part of it and helps you change it in a more balanced way. It’s all about putting everything into perspective!

Pacifica has quickly become a staple in my daily routine and I like that it gives me a tangible proof that I am taking care of myself and pushes me to be my better self.

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