Mind & Body: Yoga Camp

Mind & Body: 30 Days Yoga Camp

If you follow me on Facebook  you might have seen me getting all excited about Adriene’s 30 Days Yoga Camp. I had a difficult relationship with exercising, in fact, I used to hate it, ask my high school PE professor how many times I had my period in a month. I find swimming boring and running acceptable only in circumstances like I am missing the train/bus, sometimes not even I HATE running, but then I found yoga.Or better, yoga found me. My karate teacher invited me to attend some yoga classes he was holding to release some tension and anxiety I had at the time. I’ll never forget the feeling of lightness and well being I felt after my first yoga class. It was pure bliss, I drove home feeling like I was floating.

When I moved to London however, going to yoga classes wasn’t an option cause they can get quite steep and I couldn’t really afford it, but the beauty of the Internet is that you can practically find whatever you need and it’s there I found Adriene and I immediately fallen in love with her classes.

Last year I took her 30 Days of Yoga Challenge  and her philosophy of “Find What Feels Good” really sticked to me and has become a personal mantra not only on the mat but for life in general.

This year she took the challenge a step forward, creating Yoga Camp a 30 day free yoga experience to connect mind, body and soul focussing on physical and mental health. You know mental health is something really close to my heart and I find yoga to be one of the best ways I found to accept and deal with that. The mind, soul and body journey tackles the power of affirmations as well which is something I am very much intrigued about and wonder if it actually works.

I am right on track with the challenge, day 2 at this moment, and it feels good to take 20-50 minutes for myself everyday. My Downward Dog is a bit rusty and my balance is off, my Savasana though it’s ON POINT! I’ll catch you all up halfway through and at the end of the challenge to see if I finally managed to dust off my Downward Dog and prevented to smashing my face on the bedside table during Tree Pose!

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