Christmas Is (Almost) Here

Top 5 Christmas Movies

For it’s Christmas Eve Eve and I don’t feel quite festive as yet, might be the fact that life has been so hectic lately, tonight and tomorrow I decided to bundle up and get in the Christmas spirit by spending time with my family and watching Christmas movies.

I’m actually cheating here, as there’s a sneaky one more movie I’ll be watching, but top 5 sounded much better….Shhh!

The Holiday


I am a rom-com girl all the way so it comes quite obvious that I am starting with these two. The Holiday is a tradition to me as when I used to leave away from home, come Christmas time I always watched it the night before coming home for Christmas. The cast is amazing, the Hans Zimmer soundtrack is amazing…there’s nothing about it that is not amazing! Whereas for Love Actually, I actually – no pun intended –  not a huge fan.  I watched it two times and both times I wasn’t quite satisfied. However, the reason why I am putting it in my top 5 it’s cause it would make me feel I’m back in the UK again, and that’s a good reason enough. That and Colin Firth of course….Plus, you never know, they say third time’s the charm! Love Actually The Nightmare Before Christmas


The Nightmare Before Christmas, perfect for those who don’t like cheesy romantic movies, being from Tim Burton it couldn’t be. Another good watch the night you fly back home movie. Sorry a recurrent theme, but I get quite sentimental during this time of year and the picture in my head of me and my friends sitting on a half broken sofa, curled up under the blanket watching this movie is just too nice to pass.

Mickeys Christmas Carol


In my case the little one is my brother, 32 years old, but it’s a tradition of ours to watch Mickey’s Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve at some point, tradition that we passed to our nieces which makes it all better.

Home Alone


Here’s where I am cheating, two instead of one – Home Alone and Home Alone 2 . Me and my brother used to know chunks of the movies and reenact them when we were little. Actually, when we went to New York and were in front of The Plaza Hotel we realised we still do!

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