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Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

I promised myself I wouldn’t do a gift guide cause for some reason this year I couldn’t stand them, I was over them, didn’t want to hear or watch any of them. Then today, I had the urge to write one myself, cause I am consistent like that! People keep banging on about beauty products, or Nutella¬†or what not – which is all good and beautiful – but what’s in store for us who warship coffee?!

KEEP CUP РFilter  8oz

I have a thing for clear cups, I love pouring the coffee and see how it all blends until the crema settles on top. Keep Cup are quite popular in London, in many coffee shops if you ask to have your coffee in a reusable cup you get a discount. In a way you’re fuelling their addiction, taking care of the environment plus its cork band gives a touch of Scandinavian chic which I love.


My favourite coffee place in London, the Carter Lane Coffee House, had this book and sometimes during my brakes I would go there have coffee and read some funny, sometimes wise, quotes that never failed to put a smile on my face. It makes a nice stocking filler!


For the travellers and explorers. When I lived in London I used to get a new edition every year to keep in my bag so to find the best coffee shops in the area. In New York I prayed for a guide like this! If you are planning to go to New York soon, you can pre-order a copy of the guide here, or if you live or planning to go to London, this book is a must have.


This might not be for the coffee purists but I personally love it. I would tell you more, this was actually the first thing I bought before moving to my first house, even before than my wardrobe, you know priorities! I love how quickly it makes my coffee and the amount of crema it gives.


Finally, the Nespresso accessories are always a nice thing to receive. I remember how happy I was when my mom got me the frother! Given its not the most wallet friendly frother, but the design it’s amazing, it’s quick, silent and the forth it gives is a cream and not bubbles which I always appreciate. Otherwise, you can freestyle it and make your own capsule assortment. My personal favourites are the ones from the Intenso family – strong and powerful, otherwise you can keep it Christmassy and offer the Limited Edition selection they always come out with every year.

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