Shielding from a Bad Case of Monica’s Hair

Living Proof Frizz Humidity Shield

Let’s talk about hair and the humungous case of afro you didn’t ask for after waisting your life carefully styling your hair for two hours, yes heard read me right, 2 HOURS!! – shall we? I am sure I am not alone in this but I think I found a way to finally keep humidity at bay! 

my natural curly hair

My hair is naturally curly – though no longer blonde as in this picture I took last year – and taming this mop of mine has always been quite a challenge. During spring and summer I don’t mind it that much but during winter and autumn for some reason I prefer to keep my hair straight with a bit of wave in it. Cause obviously with all that humidity, fog and rain doesn’t it make sense to put to style your hair for hours not knowing if it will survive the night? You wouldn’t think so, and if I was in my right frame of mind I would agree with you but me and logic haven’t really been friends ever, so that’ what you get. But I am digressing, my point is that no matter what I did, I always end up with Monica hair as soon as I step out of my house, not a good look.

my styled hair

Then I found Living Proof No Fizz Humidity Shield and I thought that if it was good enough for Jennifer Aniston, it might have been good enough for me. And oh boy is it good! I was heading to work, no hat and no umbrella, ’cause who needs them? When it started raining. I was so pissed cause I thought I would get to work with the afore mentioned Monica, but oh no! It was like my hair never got rained on. It’s all kind’s of magic, I tell you!  The whole Living Proof No Fizz rain has been formulated with a Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) that literally repels humidity, stopping frizz before it can start. Plus it’s packed with smoothing emollients, an anti-static agent, and a UV protectant too, as well as being sulphate, silicone and oil-free. One down side, it’s not that easy to get hold of. I picked it up this summer at Sephora ($22) when I was in New York but UK gals can find it at ‘God Bless’ Amazon (£44). It’s not cheap but it’s worth every penny so much so I find it a good excuse enough to book a flight to New York again!



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