Share The Love - YouTube Channels I Am Loving Right Now Share The Love - YouTube Channels I Am Loving Right Now

Spending far too much time on the internet is one of my guilty – #sorrynotsorry – pleasures, I dare say I watch more YouTube videos than actual TV shows these days, so I thought I’d share the love and let anyone who might be interested what had me procrastinating from my studies…Ooops!

estee-lalondeESTÉE LALONDE – I have been subscribed to this beautiful lady for a while, but have to admit lately I have been quite obsessed with her. As I told her a while back, she’s kind of Mary Poppins to me lately!  I don’t what it is about her might be her Canadian accent, her dimples, the fact she’s quirky….I don’t know! I just know that watching this lady’s vlogs puts a big ol’ smile upon my face so…there! If you are not nosy as I am and are not into the whole vlog thing fear not cause she has you covered with her main channel  where she talks more about beauty, books, food and what not…My personal favourites the Ultimate Relaxation Evening and 48 Hours Digital Detox! One last thing and then I’ll move to the next one, I promise – she has a beautiful blog too!

CLAIRE MARSHALL – Oh Claire…Have you ever heard the phrase ” Same same but different?” She does beauty, lifestyle and vlogs like many but she’s no regular girl. Her editing skills, aesthetic and creativity is something that she never fails to bring to the table when it comes to her videos. Her work speaks for itself so just click to see what I am talking about she brings OOTD and  My MakeUp Collection videos to a whole new level! And did I mention Bruce Lee?!

buzzfeed try guys
THE TRY GUYS – and BuzzFeed videos in general – I spend evenings watching videos about any kind of weird stuff, but the Try Guys?! They’re hilarious…They make them try the weirdest things, some of my personal favourites are when they tried Perverted Halloween Costumes, Extreme Swimsuits and Motherhood….

Anywhere else in the wild wild web I should procrastinate? I’m all ears!



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