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Oh look at me all doe-eyed! I think this is the first time I’m actually showing my face on a blog post and let me tell you this is freaking scary. For 2 reasons: 1. I hate, and I really mean HATE taking pictures of my self or having my pictures taken cause all I can do to feel comfortable is pulling off silly faces , 2. I am literally putting my face out there which is terrifying, but I thought if I ought to do it, then no FaceTune or Photoshop had to be involved. Taking a stand right there!

Anyhow, I am getting off the tangent so probably should go back to the real point of the post which is – M.A.C .Mehr lipstick. I have been eyeing this shade for quite a while, probably since Lily talked about it a while ago but due to my one-in-one-out policy I just always resisted, until last week….

I felt that my stash was lacking a nude yet bold natural lipstick and Mehr was the only shade I could think of. A matte yet hydrating, long-lasting mauve lipstick that gives an edge to more casual eye looks, as well as tone down some brown smokey eyes. I reckon this to be a perfect choice not only for autumn but all year round! There’s a bit of downside however, due to the fact that this is the shade that Kylie Jenner wears it’s very hard to find as it gets sold out really quickly – blame the Kardashian Effect, and of course, not the cheapest of options but I think the all year round wear just ends the debate making the pros a winner. Let’s see if I can make the same argument for M.A.C. Soar Lip Pencil?!

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