What to Watch on Halloween If You’re Not into Horror


Horror is not really my thing I am easily scared and impressionable still now I cannot watch E.T. cause I was so scared by it as a child, that’s how easily scared I am. However, I do enjoy a bit of thriller weirdly enough so here’re my suggestions if you too would like to have sweet dreams after a Halloween night in.

#1 – Penny Dreadful – We recently got Netflix in Italy (YAY!!) and this one was one of the TV shows that came up while browsing. I remembered my friends liking it but I wasn’t too sure as it looked quite scary, but due to the cast, Jack the Ripper’s London setting and a revisitation of classical literature such as Dorian Gray, Frankenstin I decided to give it a go. To be honest, I am liking it so far but it’s quite border line horror to me, still a good watch.


#2 – The Others – Another border line movie for me. Children and dark settings just freak me out immensely, I saw The Woman in Black with a friend of mine at the theatre and I just didn’t scream cause we were on a public setting…


#3 – Sweeny Todd – We’re now getting to a place where I am totally comfortable watching this and the following by myself – please don’t judge! Sweeny Todd is for me a Tim Burton classic and if you are in to musical it’s a must see.


#4 – Hocus Pocus – this one is apparently a classic in the US. I saw it first last year and it’s perfect for an easy and light hearted dose of Halloween.


#5 – The Rocky Horrow Picture Show – it’ weird, it’s funny and there’s a sweet transvestite…Do I need to add more?!


#6 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer – a 90s throwback is a must do in my opinion, how can you say no to a Buffy Marathon?!


#7 – Simpsons Halloween Specials – watching the Simpson with my brother is one of my favourite things in life, so another must-to in my books is a Simpson Halloween Special marathons, there are so many I’m sure we are missing some.

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