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Kickass women –  women who talk without filter, intelligent women who are not afraid of saying how it is, women who swear and make dirty jokes, women who do not care for pleasing others, those are the kind of women I love. Women who I can count on when I, myself need a reminder that I am kickass as well. In real life, or IRL  – if you want to be down with the kids – you might have someone that can give you a pep talk when in need, but sometimes, when things get shitty I tend to turn to people I can’t actually talk to. Might sound weird, but it’s the only way for me to shut my mind up, just listen and get inspired….I guess escapism is the way to go for me.


Sophia Amoruso – if you haven’t read her book #Girlboss, drop everything you’re doing and get buying cause that book is dabomb.com, seriously. I’ve spoken about it before here so I won’t repeat myself, but recently when I felt lost I turned to her book again. You know when the Beatles were singing When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me… Yeah? I guess you can say her book is my Mother Mary. When she recently ventured on YouTube and created a podcast I had to follow. Her YT channel is a bit more raw, which I enjoy, she just chills with a beer and answers questions from her followers on things such fear, rejection and lack of motivation, whilst on her podcast she interviews women she finds inspiring. First one was Charlize Theron and I cannot wait to see who’s next.lenny-letter

Lena Dunham – I talked about Lena not long ago in my Weekend Procrastination post, but she couldn’t not be in my list of inspiring women. If you ever watched an interview of hers you’d understand why I find her so exhilarating. She also just started a newsletter with Jenni Konner called Lenny Letter where they tackle issues such as feminism, politics, health, style and in the latest issue vajacial, yes, that’s exactly what you think it is!


If reading isn’t your thing, then just mark 5th November on your calendar as her podcast Women of the Hour will be live and sounds amazing.


Jennifer Lawrence – this lady don’t need no introduction, so I am going to spare you that, but I’ll tell you that I probably watched every single interview of her on YouTube, this David Letterman one has to be my favourite, after which I’d love to go out and grab a drink with her. Her essay on Lena’s Lenny Letter on the gender pay gap received tons of attention and criticism for not being relatable. Now, I for one think that no matter how much you make, the relatable part of the essay has to be the principle which I am sure you can relate to no matter what. Anyway, I won’t start this as I could talk for days, I’d just let you read the essay on the third issue and see for yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Finally, cannot wait until her last movie is coming out Joy….Have you seen the trailer? I loved both Silver Lining Playbook and American Hustle, I am sure this one won’t disappoint…I’d pay the ticket just for the Listen to me, never speak on my behalf about my business again line!



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