Isn’t Everyday #InternationalCoffeeDay?



We drink coffee because it’s good, because it wakes us up, because of morning rituals or afternoons spent with friends. So why not celebrate it? Why not gather everybody, all over the globe, and have a big cup of coffee together?

37bccb9ce54f5bb8120e018c7b7aaf76 895d432550eebe5c4352d52ddf8776ebI didn’t know it until yesterday when I was procrastinating on the black hole of procrastination that is the Internet, that today 1st October 2015 is International Coffee Day!!!

It is everyday in my books, but to celebrate the fuel that gets me function as a human being I thought it would have been nice to celebrate #InternationalCoffeeDay by sharing with you some of my favourite coffee-themed pictures I found on Pinterest.

If you are a coffee-addict like yours truly you can create a board with all the pretty pictures to look at so you can find inner peace as you were looking at a smiling Buddha, or if you have not reached such a terminal stage yet you can always use the pictures as your background.928b6ebe10b3096a4208cfec105b8168cbd61b808422c2f9469e846da618fdbc

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