Sweater Weather Ready Nails


Whilst everyone is still sighing for the gone by summer days by the beach, for some reason I am super ready to get my sweater on. I love summer but might it be I was born in winter, I love autumn and winter even more, especially when it comes to fashion and makeup. 

My former nail polish hoarder couldn’t believe that I left for holidays with just three colours with me and ended up wearing just one, the Soigné Persimmon When I left for NY I didn’t even bother taking any, so for a moment I was afraid my nail polish lover days were past gone. Fortunately with the first leaves falling, this love has been rekindled and I am rummaging my collection in the search for deep colours that scream sweater weather. Here are my top picks:

Kiko 374 Pearly Chocolate Noir (£2.50) – currently on my tips as we speak. As the name would suggest this is a deep dark almost black brown with subtle gold and purple shimmers. The colour applies opaque with just one layer, but I always give two to oomph-up the it seems black but it’s not black effect. If you are not a fan of the shimmers don’t let yourself be deceived by the amount of shimmer in the bottle. In fact, despite what you see it doesn’t apply metallic but actually rather shiny.

Maybelline Superstay 7 Days in 287 Midnight Red (£ 4.49) – is the one I crack out when I don’t know what colour to go for. It’s a classic deep burgundy red, a cheaper version of Chanel Rouge Noir, that is sure to get complimented on.

Essie Afterschool Boy Blazer (£8.30) – a classic from Essie’s 2013 Fall Collection, it was impossible to get your hands on this colour two years ago. Same as the Kiko one, it falls under the category of black but not black but in some lights you can tell it’s a deep navy colour.

Essie Cashmere Bathrobe (£6.45) – I never heard anyone talk about this Essie colour but I think it needs to be mentioned. I find this to be the perfect neutral shade, despite it being quite a dark grey, with a subtle shimmer that just asks to be coated on in those moments where you don’t feel like wearing reds and burgundies.

CHANEL Le Vernis Nail Colour in 639 Exception (£18) – this is the most expensive of the bunch but oh so worth the price tag. Chanel nail polishes are famous to have a not so great formulas, but that is not the case for this one. With one layer you get an opaque finish that lasts a long time – it took five days to chip, can you believe it? But the colour is the real winner. Being a brick red is very different from any red I own, it gets complimented on every single time as it is classy yet edgy.

Nails Inc Gel Effect in Black Taxi  (£15) – I picked this one up at Sephora when in NY – NY Haul coming soon! This bad boy does exactly what it says on the tin.  A blacker than black shiny nail polish that offers the same effect as a gel mani but without all the faff. I love it both on toes and tips.

Nails Inc in Tate (£14) – still in the old packaging as I got it in a past My Little Box, nevertheless this is the one I crack out when I want a pure blood red, no compromises.

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