Photo Diary: A Week in New York

DSC00835DSC00622From July on if you don’t follow me on Instagram I have been quite MIA…I won’t even apologise for that as I quite enjoyed my almost lack of social media! In these past months I visited quite a number of new places, last of which being New York. And now that I am back to a Milan slowly falling in Autumn I thought it would have been nice to share some of my favourite pictures and places with you.


I have been dreaming of going to New York for quite sometime, and it hasn’t been till I reached JFK that I realised I made it…Let me tell you, I fell in love with the city the minute I got into the cab! I can’t help but describing New York as a mahoosive London with skyscrapers and people with amazing styles, I immediately felt at home so I can safely say I wouldn’t mind moving there.

We stayed in a small room in Williamsburg we found on Airbnb which we really loved. I only chose Williamsburg just cause that’s where 2 Broke Girls takes place to be honest, also I heard it has a Dalston and Shoreditch vibe to it. Well, that was absolutely true and I couldn’t love it more. It was full of nice cafés, quirky little shops and 24/7 bagels shops….I mean, do I need say more?


One of my favourite places has the High Line, an elevated park created on a disused rail track. It was amazing how you could feel completely immersed in nature but you just needed to look on your left and right to see the Hudson river and the buzzing Chelsea life. Before hitting the High Line with had brunch at Bubby’s where I had, no kidding, THE BEST Eggs Benedict I ever had in my life!

DSC00851 DSC00845

If you are an avid TV show lover like me, then you’ll understand if I went scouting for Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment, which I did find and although it’s nothing too special it just had to be done! I still love the snap I took which is currently my phone’s lock screen, and also I find it helps enjoying places and neighbourhoods you won’t necessarily go to.


On a more serious note, a visit to the 9/11 Memorial is a must do, together with the Museum. It is very difficult to explain the feelings while there as the beauty of the place holds such a sad yet powerful meaning you can really feel it in your bones, especially when looking at the remaining of the towers, the pictures, the voices and the stories told.

DSC00911 DSC00917 DSC00914

With Fashion Week only a few days away, during my visit at the MET I couldn’t stray from the China Through the Looking Glass exhibition. Even if you are not a fan of fashion, you just need to see those clothes and all the work they’ve done combining the different periods in Chinese history, the colours and the movies.

IMG_8055 DSC00998DSC01009

I also couldn’t help but hop on the TV show filming locations bandwagon again when in Brooklyn, I just couldn’t especially when coffee was involved! In the lack of a real Central Perk – although I did grab a Friend mug at the NBC shop, we decided to have breakfast at Café Grumpy  where Lena Dunham’s Girls has been filmed. The coffee was really good indeed and the croissant too, so big thumbs up for that! Of course we couldn’t resist the walk on the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan after popping at Brooklyn Park. The view was all kinds of beautiful.


Always in the brunch realm I did some research – cause I take my brunch really seriously apparently, and I found that The Rabbit Hole  in Williamsburg was quite popular for that. The French Toast with strawberry and mascarpone were drool-worthy! Finally, to conclude our stay a visit to the top of the Empire has to be done to breath in all the gorgeousness that is New York at night. I strongly advise you to get the VIP tickets as the lines are everywhere and skipping them makes the visit way smoother and enjoyable.

And you, what’s your favourite place in New York?


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