Soft Feel and The Madeleine Effect


” An exquisite pleasure had invaded my senses, something isolated, detached, with no suggestion of its origin […] … And suddenly the memory revealed itself. […] The sight of the little madeleine had recalled nothing to my mind before I tasted it. And all from my cup of tea.”

Deodorants and the smell of our ‘pits isn’t something we usually talk about, but with this heat and humidity, how could I not address the issue?! I’ve been thinking a lot about how to address the subject in an unconventional way and I decided to inconvenience Proust and it’s madeleine episode from the Remembrance of Things Past.

Let’s be real, the main criterion by which we choose a deodorant over another, a part from the price tag, is the scent. Ok, the gazillion hours, no alcohol and all those claims are important too but I find it impossible not to have a scent-fest when it’s time to repurchase. For the  Soft Feel Dove teamed up with Givaudan by creating a scent that will give a ‘madeleine effect’ when used. I can totally vouch for that. The parfume instantly made me feel soothed, as if I was smelling something familiar. Like Proust I couldn’t really pinpoint what the familiar smell was, but then it hit me, it was the powder fragrance! When I was little, as for many, my mom used to use baby powder on me, and even when growing up I always used it on my skin for when it was particularly hot and I wanted to prevent the annoying sticky feeling on my arms and legs. Nice!

With the main criterion checked, it’s time to check some others: no alcohol ✓; anti-perspirant ✓ and moisturising ✓. I can’t vouch for the 48-hours protection cause I always happen to wash before that time, ya’know...Also, big thumbs up for the powder scent that keeps the underarm dry and soft, a huge plus in my books, especially for those days where you sweat like a beast by only watching outside the window.

Sun and humidity, I fear you not!



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