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More an more often I found myself thinking about how crazy my beauty collection was. The thought came into my mind whilst I was cleansing my face at night and noticed my Una Brennan Cleansing Oil is on its last leg. Then I go to grab my Kiehl’s Night Oil and notice it’s going to end up soon, same for my Prismologie Foot Cream. That came as a surprise as I never finished a skincare or beauty product in my life. How did it happen?

In the last 4 years I managed to move 7 times, and each and every time I found myself piling up bags of products to give to friends and neighbours asking myself how on earth I had so many products I didn’t actually use. The answer was plain and simple, being an avid reader and watcher of beauty bloggers I found myself wanting things I didn’t actually need – I want to try this out, I will write a post on it one day … But then find myself completely overwhelmed when it came to choose what I wanted to slap on my face. Too much to choose from, and things at the bottom of the overflowing drawers were easily forgotten.



Now on my 7th move, I achieved without realising my lagom makeup and skincare collection. And I like it. It’s certainly more efficient than the mahoosive collection I previously got. Not as mahoosive as the ones of the bloggers I watch, but let’s be honest for a normal person who doesn’t live off her blog is perfectly fine. I have found the joy of finishing my products and buying things that I actually need – maybe even treating myself to more expensive things as they’ll be the only *insert beauty product* I have. Let’s the minimalist beauty begin!



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