It has been as humid as hell these couple of weeks in Milan and I just wish I could still be at the seaside enjoying all the food, ice-creams and sea. I have been going to Alba Adriatica for the past 20 years with my whole family, so there is nothing new to me here just a place to relax and indulge in amazing food.IMG_7425

We are quite a foody family so every year we do a sort of food tour to make sure we don’t miss any of our favourite restaurants. For a spot of nice and fresh fish we go to Ristorante Laguna Blu in Giulianova. I am not a massive fish lover, I am actually very picky when it comes to it, but I always look forward going there for a portion of antipasto misto, prawn cocktail, rivers of cold white wine and a slice of yogurt and mixed berry cake *drools*


We also love a bit of meat too, and it so happens that one of Abruzzo typical dish is arrosticini which are basically lamb skewers cooked on charcoal. SO yummy! Enough said, we order them by the hundreds, literally. Our favourite spot for those is a German-style pub called Edelweiss, specialised in all sorts of beers of which I am no expert, I just know their menu mostly consists of beer, together with the classic pizzas and arrosticini.
IMG_7442Of course when in Italy one cannot not eat tons of ice cream. Here’s my favourite combination – Stracciatella and Mint! Off to the nearest A/C now… I am melting! 
IMG_7440 IMG_7390

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