She Cultivates a Taste for Small Pleasures

7a25a692b7c4ddd8e70e99d8620dc302The other day I was having a conversation with my mom and whilst we were talking she said something along the lines of “Happiness is in the small things, the small moments.” That immediately had me thinking about this scene from one of my favourite movies – Amélie. For some reason this scene never ceases to amaze me. So since I forgot to bring my notes with me for what I was supposed to write about today, I thought it would have been fun to think and tell you about my small pleasures. Do you have any?

69278df692b908574ad168c1f0410ab21. The smell of fresh brewed coffe, any day, any time.


2. Taking time to do my makeup in the morning.

85d2422dbed4e95438c42969d2576fe93 . Watching a movie knowing that you are going to cry, just cause you need to.

8f328c14920d16e8524219251353051f4. Playing late 90s – early 2000s music and sing along as if you were 10 again.

981cd6e3e500119b7811f361765253755. Enjoying a glass of red wine with friends.

3e1b8fe5bd54dab5205772a38d9b33916. Sit down next to a stream of water, lake or the sea and just listen.


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