Positive Vibes Mix Tape



Last week I had a bit of a ‘melt down’ about leaving London, yet again! As I have now entered the ‘less-then-2-weeks’ phase, denial is no longer an option and I have actually to make plans to make sure I see everyone before leaving. This might sound more dramatic as it should be. After all I am going to leave during summer, I’ll get to spend 3 months at the sea side whilst the majority of my friends will be in an office wishing to be me. However that doesn’t make it any easier to leave my life as I known it so far behind. My anxiety and insomnia are back but as I learnt, it’s important to keep positive and not give up to the unhelpful thoughts.

For this I found music to be very useful to keep positive and maybe shake my bum a bit whilst singing in the shower?! Oh what a picture, hey! Here’s to you my Positive Vibe Mix Tape for when you are feeling down or just feel like dancing and sing along. It goes from oldies to more recent songs, hope you enjoy it! If you do, let me know by giving a thumbs up or leaving a comment and I’ll make sure to include some playlist more often!


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