New Launches: Dr. Jackson’s

Custom Name 18Dr J34As I previously mentioned, the beauty world is brimming with new launches, so I decided to create a little series cleverly named New Launches to show you the ones that caught my eyes.

When I was at the SpaceNK event a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to be introduced to Dr.Jackson’s brand and the man himself who so kindly got me a cup of their Expedition Tea (yum!) whilst I was getting presented all their products. What immediately caught my eyes about the brand is the minimalist, environmentally-friendly and unisex packaging. I am not an hard core environmentalist, but I always appreciate when brands make an effort to unite a sleek look with an ethical touch.

The attention to detail and being ethical is something that reflects on their products too. All skincare products, seven in total, are formulated by combining pharmacognosy – aka medicine from natural sources – and cosmetology to bring the most effective, pure, cruelty-free, and natural skincare to our homes. The ones that stood up to me were 06 – Body Perfecting Gel (£50) and 05 – Face and Eye Essence (£60) for their lightweight, gel-like texture which I find perfect for summer as you can put them in the fridge to soothe sunburns or simply cool down, or if you can’t be bothered to wait five minutes for your moisturiser to be absorbed. Then 04- Coconut Melt (£10), a 100% organic coconut oil to use on cuticles, hair and dry patches while on the go.

Finally, if skincare is not your cup of tea or it’s a bit out of your budget, as mentioned Dr.Jackson’s has you covered with, well…tea! Available in loose (£15) and bagged – the nice, fabric triangular ones (£21) – versions, you can choose between a Relaxing Blend, perfect if you suffer from anxiety like myself, a Rejuvenating and a Detox Blend.

Now launching in SpaceNK, you can also find Dr.Jackson’s online.





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