Photo Diary: London Coffee Festival




This Photo Diary shouldn’t come as a surprise due to my very outspoken love for coffee. Every year London hosts its own Coffee Festival, which I was always too lazy to go to, but this year it was on my ‘bucket list’, so it had to be done. Obviously I took my fellow coffee lovers with me –  Sara from Carter Lane Coffee House, which is basically my new office, Matteo and Lara, all the way to Berlin! Here’s what we got up to… IMG_7113 IMG_7110I’ve never been at a Festival in London before, and I was amazed to see how well organised this one was! There was a lot of people and loads of things to do, try and see, we were so excited and jumped around like kids on Christmas day. First thing we’ve done was to grab our London Coffee Festival tote bag then we moved on and tried any sample we possibly could. From smoothies, to chocolates, teas, Baileys, cakes and of course coffees. We missed the Latte Art competition which I was a bit bummed about, but we managed to participate to the Lindt Five Senses Chocolate Tasting where we got to taste some chocolates and learnt how to pair them with coffee, which I found really interesting.


After some more tasting we stopped by at the Coffee Masters Quarter Finals. I didn’t understand half of what they were doing, as I am no expert, but it was cool to see all the things they were doing. Apparently this is the first time a Coffee Masters was held in London, and the winner gets to win £5000 after challenges like cupping, brewing and latte art amongst other. We finally moved over to the fashion bit of the Festival – Milk & Sugar.


Of course it was impossible for me to go home empty handed. So here’s a little bonus haul for y’all. I am a sucker for quotes, so obviously I couldn’t leave this little book of quotes about coffee on the stand. Then Matteo and I got a matching ‘TGIFC – Thank God I Found Coffee’ t-shirt, and finally the highlight of all fashion stands of the Festival, this Black Tote from The Girl in the Café –  bitch stole my idea! Kidding, but I am in love with the concept already!

Ps. Thanks Lara for taking loads of pics, some where too silly to publish!


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