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FullSizeRender (1)You can expect a lot of new beauty launches coming up this week as the beauty world in ON FIRE right now! First one I want you to introduce you is Prismologie. Created by one of the UK’s leading beauty scientists, the natural collection is based on colour- and aromatherapy therapy and it has been designed to uplift, enhance and inspire.

The Red Hour is for passion. To me, I find it is actually more aboutenergising thanks to its cedarwood fragrance. The Foaming Body Scrub* is formulated with ruby-micro crystals, cherry stones and pomegranate enzymes to exfoliate, and sugar beets and coconut to moisturise. I found this one perfect for mornings where I felt a bit ‘meh‘ and for my after-workout shower. It gently exfoliates and moisturises my sensitive skin without irritating it, which is great. Another colour catering for the beginning of your day is the Yellow Day  which has a scent of bergamot.

The White Beginning encourages clarity, purity and perspective for when you just want some me time. The Rich Body Cream*, as the name would suggest, is a rich moisturising cream which I like to use after the shower. The scent of neroli is present but not overpowering, so I find that the products from different ‘colours’ can be easily layered. Similar concept, but with a different, more green scent, is of course,  The Green EpochThis one is said to help finding balance and replenish inner peace with a fragrance of vetiver.

The Indigo Interlude is my personal favourite out of the three products I tried. This colour is perfect for evening use as it has a fragrance that I can only describe as a sexy, mature men, which I weirdly find really soothing, as if I am being taken care of. I know, this is probably the creepiest way to describe something, but that’s how I feel about it! The Foot Cream* has now become my staple to go product for my dry feet, and is now officially part of my evening routine.

Launching exclusively in SpaceNK on the 12th of May. With prices ranges from £26 – £55, they might not be a budget friendly option, but they are great if you want to treat yourself or someone else or if simply you like to invest in your regime.


*PR samples

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