Notes of Wine and Nibbles

FullSizeRenderIMG_7072 IMG_7075 IMG_7074This post is quite unexpected as I had something else planned for today, but one can’t control the urge of sharing nice things, especially food, isn’t it? So here’s what happened…

I am slowly moving through my London “bucket list”, and one of the things on it was to visit the National Portrait Gallery *insert cool looking emoji here*. When I was in Paris I took a module of English History through paintings yet in my 4 years here I never managed to visit the place and see the paintings in the flesh. So I asked my friend Claudio to accompany me and be my professor for the day. After 3 very interesting hours and coming to the sad conclusion that I am not strong at all on incests,  throne claiming, mistresses, love children, and people with the same name (why are they all called either James or George – WHY?!?!), it was time for us to go.

Since we were both quite hungry after all that Game of Throne like history lesson, we decided to have a quick bite. I have been to Notes before, but I didn’t remember them having savoury food. When we got in we noticed a group of girls sharing focaccia to dip on olive oil and balsamic vinegar, turned our heads and noticed a woman enjoying white wine and a plate a cheese…Just a glance was enough to decide to switch to an Italian style aperitivo.

As you can see from the pictures above, we settled for a Three Hummus Plate with toasted sourdough, our favourite being the sun dried tomatoes one in the middle, and of course the Bread – which was actually very nice focaccia, and an AMAZING extra virgin olive oil accompanied with two glasses of red wine. I was so amazed by the quality of the food which has a reasonable price, considering the location and amount of food you get.

Tomorrow, we have a part two scheduled to finish our visit at the museum, I am going to insist for another visit at Notes…Claudio will needed after all that teaching!

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